A recent report by KD market insights titled as “Employment Screening Services Market Size, Trends & Opportunity Outlook – Forecast to 2022” provides the key trends, opportunities and challenges market will face in the forecasted period of 6 years i.e. 2017-2022. The study also provides the Employment Screening Services Market. competitors share and region wise analysis around the globe. 

The Global Employment Screening Services Market accounted for $3,012 million in 2016 and is expected to reach $4,743 million by 2022, registering a CAGR of 7.7% from 2017 to 2022. Employment screening refers to the credibility check undertaken by different organizations before hiring an employee in an organization. Employers use this service to consolidate an array of employment, financial, criminal, educational, and other records about an individual for employment purpose.

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As the hiring and recruitment sector is technology driven, it has led to the development of superior quality services. The employment service provider segment accounted for the largest market share by offering innovative solutions for superior employment screening services. The employment screening services market is highly competitive in nature, owing to presence of numerous companies that provide background screening and employment history checks. At present, employers are highly concerned about the recruitment process, owing to advent of startups and developing organizations.

On the basis of application, the employment screening services market is divided into verification of education & employment, drug & health screening, criminal background checks, credit history checks, and other applications. The geographical breakdown and detailed analysis covers the United States, EU, Japan, China, India, and Southeast Asia.

Market Dynamics:


– High adoption rate of advanced technologies in employment screening services
– Opportunities in untapped and emerging markets.
– Wide applicability of employment screening services


– Technology risks associated with employment screening services
– Government regulation-based issues

Market Players:

The major players operating in the global employment screening services market include First Advantage, HireRight, LLC, Employment Screening Services, Inc., DataFlow Group, Lowers Risk Group, Insperity, GoodHire, Capita PLC, InfoMart, Inc., Employment Screening Resources, PreHire Screening Services, Mintz Global Screening, Verifile Ltd., Triton, Agenda Screening Services, Paychex, Inc., Experian, ADP, LLC., REED, A-Check America, Inc., S2Verify, LLC, CareerBuilder, LLC., Mind Your Business, ClearCare, and Paycor, Inc.


Market by Application

– Verification of Education & Employment
– Drug & Health Screening
– Criminal Background Checks
– Credit History Checks
– Other Applications

By Geography

– United States
– – Market Share Analysis of Leading Players
– EU
– – Market Share Analysis of Leading Players
– Japan
– – Market Share Analysis of Leading Players
– China
– – Market Share Analysis of Leading Players
– India
– – Market Share Analysis of Leading Players
– Southeast Asia
– – Market Share Analysis of Leading Players

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Table Of Content:

1. Executive Summary

1.1. Key Findings

1.2. Market Attractiveness and Trend Analysis

1.3. Competitive Landscape and Recent Industry Development Analysis

2. Introduction

2.1. Report Description

2.2. Scope and Definitions

2.3. Research Methodology

3. Market Landscape

3.1. Growth Drivers

3.1.1. Technology Progress Impact Analysis

3.1.2. Trend of Consumer Need Impact Analysis

3.2. Restrains and Challenges

3.2.1. Downside Risks of Economy Impact Analysis

3.2.2. Government Policy Impact Analysis

3.2.3. Technology Risks Impact Analysis

3.3. Opportunities

3.3.1. Competition from Opponents Impact Analysis

3.3.2. Growth in Demand from Emerging Markets Impact Analysis

3.4. Market Share Analysis, 2012-2017

3.5. Porters Analysis

3.5.1. Bargaining Power of Buyers

3.5.2. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

3.5.3. Threat of Substitutes

3.5.4. Industry Rivalry

3.5.5. Threat of New Entrants

3.6. Competitive Landscape

3.6.1. Global Employment Screening Services Market, by Application, 2012-2022

3.6.2. Global Employment Screening Services Market, by Geography, 2012-2022

3.7. Global Economic Impact

3.7.1. Global Macroeconomic Environment Analysis

3.7.2. Global Macroeconomic Environment Development Trends

3.7.3. Effects to Industry

4. Market by Application, 2012-2022

4.1. Verification of Education & Employment

4.2. Drug & Health Screening

4.3. Criminal Background Checks

4.4. Credit History Checks

4.5. Other Applications

5. Market by Country, 2012-2022

5.1. United States

5.1.1. Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2022

5.1.2. Market Size by Application, 2012-2022

5.1.3. Market Share Analysis, 2012-2017

5.2. EU

5.2.1. Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2022

5.2.2. Market Size by Application, 2012-2022

5.2.3. Market Share Analysis, 2012-2017

5.3. Japan

5.3.1. Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2022

5.3.2. Market Size by Application, 2012-2022

5.3.3. Market Share Analysis, 2012-2017

5.4. China

5.4.1. Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2022

5.4.2. Market Size by Application, 2012-2022

5.4.3. Market Share Analysis, 2012-2017

5.5. India

5.5.1. Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2022

5.5.2. Market Size by Application, 2012-2022

5.5.3. Market Share Analysis, 2012-2017

5.6. Southeast Asia

5.6.1. Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2022

5.6.2. Market Size by Application, 2012-2022

5.6.3. Market Share Analysis, 2012-2017

6. Company Profiles

6.1. First Advantage

6.1.1. Company Profile

6.1.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.1.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.1.4. First Advantage Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

Recent Developments

6.2. HireRight, LLC.

6.2.1. Company Profile

6.2.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.2.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.2.4. HireRight, LLC Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.2.5. Recent Developments

6.3. Employment Screening Services, Inc.

6.3.1. Company Profile

6.3.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.3.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.3.4. Employment Screening Services, Inc. Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.4. DataFlow Group

6.4.1. Company Profile

6.4.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.4.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.4.4. DataFlow Group Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.5. Lowers Risk Group

6.5.1. Company Profile

6.5.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.5.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.5.4. Lowers Risk Group Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.5.5. Recent Developments

6.6. Insperity

6.6.1. Company Profile

6.6.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.6.3. Insperity Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.7. REED

6.7.1. Company Profile

6.7.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.7.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.7.4. REED Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.8. GoodHire

6.8.1. Company Profile

6.8.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.8.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.8.4. GoodHire Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.8.5. Recent Developments

6.9. Capita PLC

6.9.1. Company Profile

6.9.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.9.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.9.4. Capita PLC Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.10. InfoMart, Inc.

6.10.1. Company Profile

6.10.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.10.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.10.4. InfoMart, Inc. Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.11. Employment Screening Resources

6.11.1. Company Profile

6.11.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.11.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.11.4. Employment Screening Resources Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.12. PreHire Screening Services

6.12.1. Company Profile

6.12.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.12.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.12.4. PreHire Screening Services Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.13. Mintz Global Screening

6.13.1. Company Profile

6.13.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.13.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.13.4. Mintz Global Screening Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.14. Verifile Ltd.

6.14.1. Company Profile

6.14.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.14.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.14.4. Verifile Ltd. Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.15. Triton

6.15.1. Company Profile

6.15.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.15.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.15.4. Triton Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.16. Agenda Screening Services

6.16.1. Company Profile

6.16.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.16.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.16.4. Agenda Screening Services Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)

6.17. Paychex, Inc.

6.17.1. Company Profile

6.17.2. Main Business/Business Overview

6.17.3. Products, Services, and Solutions

6.17.4. Paychex, Inc. Service Revenue (Million USD) (2012-2017)


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