A recent report by KD market insights titled as “Biopsy Devices Market Size, Trends & Opportunity Outlook – Forecast to 2026” provides the key trends, opportunities and challenges market will face in the forecasted period of 6 years i.e. 2019-2026. The study also provides the Biopsy Devices Market. competitors share and region wise analysis around the globe. 

The global biopsy devices market was valued at $2,728 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $4,310 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period. Biopsy is a procedure to remove a sample of cells or piece of tissue from living body to analyze it in a laboratory for diagnosis of diseases. Biopsy tests are performed by surgeons, radiologists, and interventional cardiologists. There are various types of biopsy devices used in diagnosis of cancers, such as core biopsy devices, aspiration biopsy needles, vacuum-assisted biopsy devices, biopsy forceps, localization wires, and others. Core biopsy devices are used to investigate superficial lumps or masses for diagnosis of cancer. In addition, vacuum-assisted biopsy devices and aspiration biopsy needles are non–invasive and provide efficient sample collection.

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Significant increase in cancer incidence, advent of novel and minimally invasive biopsy procedures, and rise in public awareness for disease screening are the major factors that drive the growth of the biopsy devices market. In addition, rapid technological advancements such as 3D optical biopsies, MRI-targeted biopsies, and ultrasound–guided biopsies, and rise in awareness on diagnosis of chronic diseases are other factors that contribute toward the growth of the market. In addition, surge in adoption of biopsy devices across the globe boosts the growth of the biopsy devices market. Furthermore, growth potential offered by developing economies present lucrative opportunities for the growth of the market during the forecast period. However, stiff competition from alternative cancer diagnostic tests, and high cost and fluctuating reimbursement policies hinder the growth of this market.

The biopsy devices market is segmented on the basis of product, application, imaging technology, end user, and region. Based on product, the market is divided into needle-based biopsy instruments, biopsy forceps, localization wires, and other products. Based on application, the market is categorized into breast biopsy, gastrointestinal (GI) biopsy, prostate biopsy, liver biopsy, lung biopsy, kidney biopsy, gynecological biopsy, and others. Based on imaging technology, the market is divided into MRI-guided biopsy, stereotactic-guided biopsy, ultrasound-guided biopsy, CT scan, and others. Based on end user, the market is classified into diagnostic and imaging centers, hospitals, and others. Based on region, the biopsy devices market size is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.


– The study provides an in-depth analysis of the global biopsy devices market along with the current trends and future estimations to elucidate the imminent investment pockets.
– Comprehensive analysis of the factors that drive and restrict the market growth is provided in the report.
– Comprehensive quantitative analysis of the industry from 2018 to 2026 is provided to enable the stakeholders to capitalize on the prevailing market opportunities.
– Extensive analysis of the key segments of the industry helps in understanding the application and products of biopsy devices used across the globe.
– Key market players and their strategies have been analyzed to understand the competitive outlook of the market.


By Product
– Needle-Based Biopsy Instruments
– – – Core Biopsy Devices
– – – Aspiration Biopsy Needles
– – – Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy Devices
– Biopsy Forceps
– Localization Wires
– Other Products

By Application
– Breast Biopsy
– Gastroenterology Biopsy
– Prostate Biopsy
– Liver Biopsy
– Lung Biopsy
– Kidney Biopsy
– Gynecological Biopsy
– Others

By Imaging Technologies
– MRI-guided Biopsy
– Stereotactic-guided Biopsy
– Ultrasound-guided Biopsy
– CT scan
– Others

By End User
– Diagnostic & Imaging Centers
– Hospitals
– Others

By Region

North America
– U.S.
– Canada
– Mexico

– Germany
– France
– UK
– Russia
– Spain
– Rest of Europe

– Japan
– China
– India
– Australia
– South Korea
– Rest of Asia-Pacific

– Brazil
– Saudi Arabia
– South Africa
– Rest of LAMEA


– Argon Medical Devices, Inc.
– B Braun Melsungen AG
– Becton Dickinson and Company (C. R. Bard, Inc.)
– Boston Scientific Corporation
– Cardinal Health, Inc.
– Cook Medical, Inc.
– Danaher Corporation (Leica Microsystem)
– Fujifilm Holdings Corp.
– Hologic, Inc.

The other players in the value chain include (profiles not included in the report) the following:

– Ethicon EndoSurgery Inc.
– Veran Medical Technologies
– MDxHealth
– Mauna Kea Technologies
– NuVue therapeutics, Inc.

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Table Of Content:

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1. Report Description

1.2. Key Benefits

1.3. Key Market Segments

1.4. Research Methodology

1.4.1. Secondary Research

1.4.2. Primary Research

1.4.3. Analyst Tools And Models

Chapter 2: Executive Summary

2.1. Key Findings of The Study

2.2. Key Findings

2.2.1. Top Investment Pockets

2.3. Cxo Perspective

Chapter 3: Market Overview

3.1. Market Definition And Scope

3.2. Key Forces Shaping Biopsy Devices Industry/Market

3.2.1. High Bargaining Power of Supplier

3.2.2. Moderate Bargaining Power of Buyers

3.2.3. High Threat of Substitutes

3.2.4. Low Threat of New Entrant

3.2.5. Low Intensity of Rivalry

3.3. Market Share Analysis

3.4. Value Chain Analysis

3.5. Industry Pain Point Analysis

3.6. Market Evolution/Industry Roadmap

3.7. Regulatory Norms

3.7.1. Regulatory Issues of Gastroenterology And Urology Biopsy Devices In North America

3.7.2. Regulatory Scenario For Breast Biopsy In European Union

3.8. Reimbursement Scenario

3.8.1. Reimbursement For Breast Cancer Screening In The U.S.

3.8.2. Reimbursement For Breast Reconstruction Or Prosthesis

3.9. Patent Analysis

3.9.1. Patent Analysis, By Country

3.9.2. Patent Analysis, By Company

3.10. Case Studies

3.10.1. Case Study 01

3.10.2. Case Study 02

3.11. Market Dynamics

3.11.1. Top Impacting Factors

3.11.2. Drivers Significant Increase In Cancer Incidence Advent of Novel And Minimally Invasive Biopsy Procedures Increasing Public Awareness For Disease Screening

3.11.3. Restrains Stiff Competition From Alternative Cancer Diagnostic Tests High Cost And Fluctuating Reimbursement Policies

3.11.4. Opportunities Tapping Diagnostic Market Present In Emerging Economies

Chapter 4: Global Biopsy Device Market, By Product

4.1. Overview

4.1.1. Market Size And Forecast

4.2. Needle-Based Biopsy Devices

4.2.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors And Opportunities

4.2.2. Market Size And Forecast, By Region

4.2.3. Market Analysis, By Country

4.2.4. Market Size And Forecast, By Type

4.2.5. Core Biopsy Devices Market Size And Forecast

4.2.6. Aspiration Biopsy Needles Market Size And Forecast

4.2.7. Vacuum–Assisted Biopsy (Vab) Devices Market Size And Forecast

4.3. Biopsy Forceps

4.3.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors And Opportunities

4.3.2. Market Size And Forecast

4.3.3. Market Analysis, By Country

4.4. Localization Wires

4.4.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors And Opportunities

4.4.2. Market Size And Forecast

4.4.3. Market Analysis, By Country

4.5. Other Products

4.5.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors And Opportunities

4.5.2. Market Size And Forecast

4.5.3. Market Analysis, By Country

Chapter 5: Global Biopsy Devices Market, By Application

5.1. Overview

5.1.1. Market Size And Forecast

5.2. Breast Biopsy

5.2.1. Market Size And Forecast

5.2.2. Market Analysis, By Country

5.3. Gastroenterology Biopsy

5.3.1. Market Size And Forecast

5.3.2. Market Analysis, By Country

5.4. Prostate Biopsy

5.4.1. Market Size And Forecast

5.4.2. Market Analysis, By Country

5.5. Liver Biopsy

5.5.1. Market Size And Forecast

5.5.2. Market Analysis, By Country

5.6. Lung Biopsy

5.6.1. Market Size And Forecast

5.6.2. Market Analysis, By Country

5.7. Kidney Biopsy

5.7.1. Market Size And Forecast

5.7.2. Market Analysis, By Country

5.8. Gynaecological Biopsy

5.8.1. Market Size And Forecast

5.8.2. Market Analysis, By Country

5.9. Others

5.9.1. Market Size And Forecast

5.9.2. Market Analysis, By Country

Chapter 6: Global Biopsy Device Market, By Imaging Technology

6.1. Overview

6.1.1. Market Size And Forecast

6.2. Mri–Guided Biopsy

6.2.1. Market Size And Forecast

6.2.2. Market Analysis, By Country

6.3. Stereotactic–Guided Biopsy

6.3.1. Market Size And Forecast

6.3.2. Market Analysis, By Country

6.4. Ultrasound–Guided Biopsy

6.4.1. Market Size And Forecast

6.4.2. Market Analysis, By Country

6.5. Ct Scan

6.5.1. Market Size And Forecast

6.5.2. Market Analysis, By Country

6.6. Others

6.6.1. Market Size And Forecast

6.6.2. Market Analysis, By Country

Chapter 7: Global Biopsy Devices Market, By End Users

7.1. Overview

7.1.1. Market Size And Forecast

7.2. Diagnostic And Imaging Centers

7.2.1. Market Size And Forecast

7.2.2. Market Analysis, By Country

7.3. Hospitals

7.3.1. Market Size And Forecast

7.3.2. Market Analysis, By Country

7.4. Others

7.4.1. Market Size And Forecast

7.4.2. Market Analysis, By Country


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